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What if the weather is bad?

In case of bad weather, please call the gym (802-295-2070) for updated class information. If we cancel classes, we will provide a scheduled make-up class. Class cancellation information is available by 7:30 am and will be emailed out via contact information provided on your iclass account. Please call an hour before your class if the weather has recently turned bad.

What should my child wear to class?

Soft, close-fitting clothing; no belts, buckles, snaps, zippers or buttons. Belly should be covered. Bare feet are best! Long hair must be tied back and no jewelry (including cloth jewelry) should be worn in class. Please, please, please, do not wear shoes in the gym (parents too!), including the office and bathrooms. Shoes can only be worn upstairs.

What are the class procedures?

Please be on time for your class. Put your shoes and clothes in the cubbies upstairs and wait to be called into the gym by your teacher. Two bathrooms are located in the gym; please try to use them before the class starts.

What if my child has to miss a class? Are there make-up classes?

-Make-up classes are offered to missed preschool classes only, on a space-available basis in age-appropriate classes. Make-ups can only be made up during the session when classes were missed. A make up token will be added to your account after a missed class, this can then be used to schedule a make up. Open gym can be used as a make-up class for preschool children.

-Due to limited spaces available, recreational classes have a singular pre-determined make up day towards the end of each session. Must sign up in advance.

Can parents stay and watch?

Parents can watch classes from the baloncy viewing area. There is no talking over to students down below, this can be distracting and dangerous.

What is the refund policy for Northern Lights Gymnastics?

Withdrawals after the start of the session- refunds may be given in the form of account credit only. The registration fee is nonrefundable if any one class has been taken. To receive a full refund, withdrawals must be made 24 hours before the first class.

I have a younger child. Can he/she stay with me during my older child's class?

Siblings of children enrolled in an adult-accompanied preschool class are welcome to be downstairs on the side of the circuit in a stroller, backpack, or seat. Older, unsupervised siblings may be off to the side of the circuit area with an activity. We ask that only the enrolled children be on the equipment during the class. Strollers are not allowed in the circuit area. 

How does Preschool Open Gym work?

Preschool open gym is for children 1-5 years old. An adult must accompany the children in the gym. Instructors will be on hand to spot and explain our set up for the day. Parent's and kids get to explore the gym activities at their own pace. Please see our preschool schedule for days and times offered.

Do you have an Adult class?

Adults are welcome to join our open gym on Fridays 7:30-8:30 for ages 13+. The entire gym is open for use and a coach is here to help with instructions and spotting. 

Payment Policy

All classes must be paid in full upon the first class of the session. iclass requires mandatory billing information when registering for a class, payment will not be charged until the first class to allow families to bring cash or check upon the first class. All session long enrollments paid via credit card will incur a $10 credit card fee. Provide e-check information for no additional fee. (Cash/Check are the preferred payment methods)

Camps require a non-refundable $25 deposit when booking.

This deposit will not incur a credit card fee.

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